I think I’m coming down with a cold — well actually, I’m pretty sure I am, because my body attacked me from the inside Saturday nite during a show. What do you do when you’re hit by a coughing fit during the middle of your set??? Well, you just stand there and cough… and apologize… and cough some more. It was weird because no one seemed concerned that I was dying. No one offered to bring me any water… Everyone just sat there quietly and waited for me to finish. By the time I was through with all the hysterics, what was supposed to be a 35 minute set, ended up being 40. So I started thinking, if I can manage to get the flu, I’ll be a headliner in no time! HA!
Because this show was in Edgewater, MD — population: White — I decided to ask the audience what they were doing to celebrate Black History Month. When one guy yelled out from the back, “Well, we’re here watchin’ you, ain’t we?” I decided to cut my losses and change the direction of the conversation. I wasn’t about to wait for him to go, “And we didn’t pay $10 to come watch a negro cough!” HA! Just kidding Edgewater — like anyone from Edgewater is reading this — except maybe Rob. It was a good weekend all in all, and I hope they’ll have me back soon.

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