I just want to say thanks a million to all the folks who came out to support the inaugural Broad Minded Comedy Showcase at Riot Act last nite! Forget standing room only, there wasn’t even any standing room. Just have to say thanks to John X for letting us use the venue and a double thanks to Hillary Buckholtz who worked her behind off on the PR end  We were in the WaPo twice, and just numerous online outfits across the metro area.

Everyone did great. The crowd was great. I really hope that we can build on the success of tonite’s show and parlay it into an uber-successful monthly show. Here’s one of the quotes from the DCist that I thought was hilarious. Perhaps if I don’t hit it big in comedy, I can have a future in infomercials :)

“The show includes Andrea Fuller… Leslie Cooley… Aparna Nancherla, and an old hand, Erin Jackson, known for her pearly white infomercial-caliber smile…” — DCist

Changing lanes… I did this awesome show on Sunday. It was the Bethesda Urban Partnership’s Play in a Day event at the Roundhouse Theatre. Four theatre groups were given 24 hours to write, rehearse and perform a 15 minute play. But each play had to center around the same prop and one of two themes that were selected the evening before at a different local event. It was awesome. Wish I had that kind of talent. I opened the show and had a ball. ‘Kay, I gotta go now. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I have loads of cleaning to do. Hasta…

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