So tonite me and some friends went out to Drag Bingo at Nellie’s Sports Bar in DC. I’ve been hearing about it forever but tonite was my first time going. My friend Titi had never been either. We got there early and got a head start on the drinks and the wings ;) We were out celebrating our friend Ebone’s (she’s the one cheesing below ;) leaving her day job to pursue her own performance and event promotion career. She’s super-talented so Hooray for Ebone!!!


I knew right away I was gonna love Drag Bingo because before the game began, they gave out several containers of bubbles to every table… and y’all KNOW how much I heart bubbles...

The hostess for the evening was Shi-Queeta-Lee (below). Shi-Queeta is an awesome performer in her own right. In fact a couple years back, I did a Women’s History Month show with her at American University. She does a MEAN Tina Turner impression. And in those heels too — I need to see if she can help me learn how to walk in my new Joan & David’s


The photo below is of the second host, but I didn’t catch her name. She was so dope though.


The house’s “magic” number was O-69 and whenever someone called a bogus BINGO, the crowd would yell “Sit your Nellie ass down!” — hence the title of the blog.


Titi thought she had BINGO. She didn’t hear that we were playing for the letter “C”.


She was hella disappointed. But at least we didn’t let her get up and claim bogus BINGO. As much as I would have been amused by the room telling her to “sit her Nellie ass down” it’s not what friends do. Plus, she was driving ;)


This is me when I was one space away from BINGO and lost. That’s what I get for being hateful.

No sooner did Titi and I get in the car than Ebone called us and told us she won the next game on Titi’s card. Dammit! Isn’t that the way — leave a BINGO nite, walk away from a slot machine, break up with your boyfriend… and the next chick that comes along always hits the jackpot. Oh wait… that got a little personal, huh?

Anywayz, if you’re in DC on a Tuesday and looking for a fun spot with good food and strong drinks, check out Nellie’s. The game is FREE and the folks are great.


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