That’s the question I was asking myself all week. Now that I’m starting to book more shows outside of the east coast I’ve been curious as to how my people in different regions of the country will respond to my comedy. Everyone in the business tells you that to hone your skills, “you gotta work the road” but like most things that’s a catch-22… How do I set myself up to be able to work the road without the flexibility of being a full-time comic and vice versa?

To that end, I went to Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday to showcase for a booker there. Good buddy Vince Morris was in town with his touring partners from the SELLOUT tour and he ended up hosting the show, so it made me a little less nervous. I went up second and the crowd was great. There was this one lady in the front row that I would actually pay if she would come to every show I did from now ’til forever. She had the most awesome laugh… Anyway, there were three other comics showcasing as well and we really had a great time. Everyone did great. Check out Lamar Williams, Jesse Joyce and Josh Alton when you have the chance… Three stand-up guys… ha ha ha… get it? I think that you do… Well, I passed the audition, which is great, so that’s one more chain of clubs down and Lord-knows-how-many to go. After we left the club, a bunch of us went and bumrushed a show at Ohio State — I’m sorry — THE Ohio State University. We had a ball.  It was an awesome 19 hours all in all, but it did start my mind a-spinnin’.

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