I had a pretty busy week and I’m not working tonite. Why the heck am I awake? I promised myself I’d sleep all day and I’ve been up since like 8:30. On Wednesday I drove up to B’more to judge and close out the Funniest Person in Baltimore Contest. I passed the crown (of course by crown I mean fat ass check) to funnyman Larry Poon.

After that I drove up to Jersey to crash with family for the nite. Got there around 2am. Then in the morning I headed into the city for an audition for the NBC Stand-Up for Diversity initiative at Caroline’s. I had an appointment for the 2pm callback and it went pretty well. I got to hook up with my good buddy and hilarious comic Diana Saez, who I’ve been missing terribly since she and her hubby moved up to NYC in August. (Finally got it D, Sam’s a Kiwi, and I’m allergic to kiwi fruit :)

Diana and I caught dinner after her audition and I got called back for the 7:30 pm showcase. There were 11 comics that were called back and that show went pretty well too. There was tons of industry in the crowd and while it wasn’t perfect, I was happy with my set. So now I wait to hear if I made it to the finals. NBC will send the finalists to LA to showcase for even more industry folks out there and prizes include a one-year holding deal with the network, commercial deals, a chance to tour with the NBC Diversity NACA touring group, etc. So it would be absolutely awesome.

So after the show I hung out for a little and then headed back to DC. Got back here around 4am, slept for what seemed like 30 seconds and then started my Friday. Friday nite I did a benefit show for the Urban Leadership Institute in Baltimore, which is headed by the husband of fellow comic Meshelle Foreman. It was held at the Walters Museum in Baltimore, which I’d never been to before. The audience was great and it was a great cause.

I know a lot of folks are waiting for part II of the “Worst Date Ever. Ever.” blog. So I promise it’ll be next. I feel as if its going to be anti-climactic. You’re expecting it to be worse than the first part. I’m letting you know now. He didn’t top the alley pee. But still I marveled at his nerve. So stay tuned once more… Til then.

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