I just got home from a great weekend at the Funnybone Comedy Club in Shreveport, LA! I got to see my friend Courtney who I haven’t seen in years because she moved to Louisiana just last week! Plus Shreveport-Bossier City has so much nightlife. Who knew. It’s like a miniVegas over there. My only complaints — the weather. I dunno if my Northeast body just couldn’t take it or if it was just especially bad, but my allergies were on flare. I took an uncharacteristically small number of photos, but I did want to share some of the the things that made this trip so awesome!

  1. The lady who told me she and her husband had so much fun last night that he was gonna “get some” when they got home. Glad my act is helping someone get lucky.
  2. Me and my friend Courtney drinking Jack Daniel’s and doing the Cupid Shuffle in a cowboy bar called Rockin Rodeo complete with caballeros in 10 gallon hats and vests, and waitresses wearing bikinis and chaps. Yes, really.
  3. The female audience member who proposed to her boyfriend and gave him a ring during my Saturday early show. So glad he said yes. I wouldn’t have known how to follow a “no.”
  4. Learning that in Louisiana — or at least in the Shreveport area — laundromats are called “washaterias.” I know, right?…
  5. The emcee’s joke about trying to potty train his one-year old granddaughter. “If I live ’til this December I will be 51 years old. And I have had shit underneath these fingernails for the last time… [When she poops her diaper she comes in the room sniffing to let them know she needs to be changed] I say, that’s right. Stinks, don’t it? In about an hour it’s gonna start to itch…” There’s more and I can assure you it was hilarious but I don’t want to do him a disservice by misquoting it.
  6. My $.02 (yes two cent) cash out coupon from El Dorado Casino that I will keep as a reminder that I suck at gambling. Bright side: Instead of losing $200, I only lost $199.98.

3 thoughts on “5 reasons my trip to Shreveport was awesome — in no particular order (okay, I just realized there were 6… ;)

  1. JOY

    Hi Erin,

    Glad you enjoyed yourself in Shreveport. You have to visit us again. Your show was great. I was at your Saturday night show. (with the proposal… how sweet) Hope to see you soon.

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