How lucky do I feel?

A bird shat on my head this morning JUST as I was stepping onto the bus. This is supposed to be good luck.

I beg to differ.

Please, please, PLEASE (that’s me begging…)

So I thought it was a big raindrop – although it wasn’t raining. OK maybe that’s a lie. No, it definitely is a lie. I PRAYED it was a raindrop. But I knew exactly what it was the second it hit my freshly washed and styled i’m-gonna-be-30-soon-shag-haircut. “Oh SHIT” I yelled.


I couldn’t go back home so I tried to wipe the shat right out of my hair (wasn’t that a shampoo commercial jingle?) to the best of my ability and got on the bus.

Me: Good morning Mr. Bus Driver,” I said. “Is there birdshit in my hair?

Bus Driver: “Um… yeah. You can use the mirror hanging over the back door to check it… You sure you don’t want to catch the next bus?… HEY, you know that’s good luck, right?”

Me: “I HATE you.”

OK I thought that but I didn’t say it. I just took the little pack of wet wipes out of my purse and continued to re-shampoo my hair on the bus.

As people got on, you should have seen the envy… “Man she’s lucky.” / “I wish I were her.” / “Mommy, how come birds never shit on my head?” I don’t really have the energy to keep writing about this, but please believe the second I got within a block of my house I was in a full out sprint to the bathroom to wash my hair. The whole experience was absolutely the worst. It’s 4:36am. Good nite.

Broad Minded Comedy a Success!

 I just want to say thanks a million to all the folks who came out to support the inaugural Broad Minded Comedy Showcase at Riot Act last nite! Forget standing room only, there wasn’t even any standing room. Just have to say thanks to John X for letting us use the venue and a double thanks to Hillary Buckholtz who worked her behind off on the PR end  We were in the WaPo twice, and just numerous online outfits across the metro area.

Everyone did great. The crowd was great. I really hope that we can build on the success of tonite’s show and parlay it into an uber-successful monthly show. Here’s one of the quotes from the DCist that I thought was hilarious. Perhaps if I don’t hit it big in comedy, I can have a future in infomercials :)

“The show includes Andrea Fuller… Leslie Cooley… Aparna Nancherla, and an old hand, Erin Jackson, known for her pearly white infomercial-caliber smile…” — DCist

Changing lanes… I did this awesome show on Sunday. It was the Bethesda Urban Partnership’s Play in a Day event at the Roundhouse Theatre. Four theatre groups were given 24 hours to write, rehearse and perform a 15 minute play. But each play had to center around the same prop and one of two themes that were selected the evening before at a different local event. It was awesome. Wish I had that kind of talent. I opened the show and had a ball. ‘Kay, I gotta go now. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I have loads of cleaning to do. Hasta…

I watched every episode of the Sopranos over the past 8 years and all I got was this lousy finale…

Don’t try to bite. I’m getting t-shirts printed up.

I couldn’t speak on this on Monday b/c I was too upset, and now it’s like beating a dead horse, but I feel that I deserve to have my say. That was the worst most cowardly series finale ever… I really think they punked us and next week we’re gonna see the REAL ending. I heard they shot like 3 different endings and not even the cast knew which one they were going to show. I don’t know about y’all, but I think they owe us the other two.

I realize this might make me sound like a loser but I waited all day for that finale. I was soooo looking forward to it… Turned down tickets to go see Brian Regan and the best they could do was a black screen? Add to the Sopranos debacle the fact that I also watched ‘Children of Men’ on Sunday nite, and you’ve got an entire evening of disappointing endings. That movie was not at all what it sounded like. I was expecting some pregnant men. Not so much.

Thought of a really funny bit today. Ran it by 4 or 5 friends and I think its a go… What is it? Boo. Come to a show, buy 2 drinks and I’ll tell ya.