Ike Turner won a Grammy?

WHAT?!?!? How did I miss this? Ike won a Grammy this year for ‘Best Traditional Blues Album’. Apparently his album was a BIG HIT! HA! Get it? OK I know that was in poor taste… It was one of the awards they didn’t show on TV. Now y’all… I’m doing my best not to make any more lame jokes about what Tina must have been thinking or quoting lines from “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” but dammit my fingers are starting to burn… I’m not a big fan of Blues, so I didn’t realize this fool was still making albums. How in the hell did HE end up being the one with the longer career… I thought God didn’t like ugly… Oh and in case you need a little more laughter on your Valentine’s Day, check out this photo.

I’m Anna Nicole’s baby daddy

No really I am.I  mean that makes about as much sense as some of these other options… It’d be awesome if she actually got pregnant using the old man’s sperm and that baby was a kabazillionaire. I’m really hoping for that one. Bet she was stalling so she could push the DNA test back ’til sweeps week. Don’t sleep on her, people. She was a first-class hustler… And that’d be checkmate to Marshall’s selfish son. I am sorry the woman is dead. It’s sad when anyone dies, OK, it’s sad when MOST people die… but I can’t lie and say this saga isn’t interesting.

“Comeback? The last movie I made was Shrek 3. I just came back from the bank!” — Eddie Murphy

Eddie said this in an interview the aired on BET the other nite. For all ya’ll who keep lauding his role in Dreamgirls as the “Comeback of the Decade,” I guess he told you! Ha ha ha… Sure he hasn’t made a Beverly Hills Cop-caliber flick in decades, but he has been around. I mean Donkey is the best character in both the Shrek movies by far. Back from the bank… That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard (y’all know I’m prone to exaggeration… but it was pretty damn funny.) Well I gotta cut this short because my fave TV show, LOST is about to come on. I’m soooo ready for the second half of the season. And since I can’t afford Tivo or anything like that, no shows on Wednesdays until that show goes into hiatus. Hol-ler.

We goin’ to Disney World!!!

So… the Superbowl actually happened and it didn’t end in a tie. Hooray! I’m happy for Tony Dungy. But damn if nearly every question he was asked didn’t have something to do with him being Black. Yes, it was an accomplishment, but by the end of the nite you could see he was trying to not to focus on the racial aspect. I actually thought there was an argument for giving Addai the MVP award, but that would have been too much Black history for one night.Halftime was awesome. But I was getting nervous about whether or not Prince would even perform. Pouring rain, high heel boots, an electric guitar and all those lights… that’s hella dangerous. Plus I KNOW he wasn’t trying to get his perm wet. But he did awesome. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the press conference he did on Friday or Saturday — I can’t remember which — check it out on YouTube. Hilarious.

Last week I got an e-mail from one of the producers at LCS asking me if I was interested in auditioning for the upcoming season… I’d  have been a new kind of fool to say no, so I have an audition date set for next month in NYC. Wish me luck. Tee hee… I’ll be super excited if I could just make the outtakes :)