So I’m sitting at an airport gate wearing a Montreal Canadiens t-shirt because I ran out of clothes on the road, and it was $7 at Walmart. Well, they’re apparently in the Stanley Cup conference finals this year and the guy sitting next to me is a huge Canadiens fan. He saw my shirt and started yapping to me about the team and last night’s game… And instead of just telling him I know nothing about the team or the sport, I for some reason, try to get thru the conversation without getting found out. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

“Can you believe that OT goal last nite?” he asked me. And because I didn’t know whether the goal he was talking about was good or bad for “our” team I just shook my head and replied, “Psssshhh.”
If I spoke to someone wearing Eagles swag and they told me it didn’t mean anything to them, I’d probably go on a rant about how they could have bought almost any other t-shirt besides that one and how you shouldn’t represent for something if you don’t believe it… I eventually just put on my headphones and closed my eyes to end the convo. But the point here is that I’m a hypocrite and a poser. I know and accept it.


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