I was at an Applebees nite before last, and when the man sitting behind me got his check, he asked the server:

You guys take Diners Club, right?

Ummm… what? I didn’t even know those still existed. Weren’t they bought out a while back? I couldn’t even hold in the laugh. What’s that in your glass sir? I had assumed it was Coke, but now I’m guessing Tab…? If it weren’t so late and I wasn’t feeling so lazy, I’d add a few more random references I haven’t heard much about since the 80’s. But, well… I am, so feel free to imagine and insert your own (Tang, pagers, IROC-Z’s — just a few ideas to get you started on your brainstorming). And remember the rule of three — just because I’m not writing it doesn’t mean I don’t still want it to be hilarious. Don’t worry so much about this rule of three though. Because that wouldn’t make any sense in this context. Ok, too much.


3 thoughts on “What year is it in your wallet, sir?

  1. Erin

    Haha, thanx Bianca for doing my work for me. I was not feeling up to my snarkiness standard. Thanks for stepping in!!! ;) Members Only — I love it!

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