Georgetown show flyer… I’m on my way ;)


OK, I’m only posting this because it’s the coolest promo poster I’ve ever seen with my face on it… But maybe that’s because it doesn’t look like my face ;) Tee hee ;) YAY Georgetown!!! No disrespect, but I did a show at Shepherd University last year and they had some construction paper on an easel that said “Comedian” with an arrow pointing to the door of the building. No room. Just hey… go inside and she’ll be in there somewhere. :) I now understand that signage is directly proportional to your cache as a performer. A few more TV spots and I might get an actual photograph of me on a flyer! Tee hee ;)

Just kidding, Danielle! This poster *is* bad ass. Looking forward to seeing all the Georgetown folks next Thursday and the Pitt folks next Friday. Wonder what that flyer looks like. I’m working that show with Tony Woods and Tony Rock. I’ll be grateful if it says “hosted by some chick” ;)