Get your own damn statue!


This is one of my favorite pieces of art in D.C. It’s a sculpture called The Awakening and for the last 28 years, it’s resided at Hains Point in D.C.’s East Potomac Park. It’s huge — like 100 feet long and though a lot of people think it’s creepy, I think it’s beautiful.

Hains Point sits right on the Potomac and has always been my favorite summer cool-out spot. On Sundays people just drive up there and play music, chill at the picnic areas… And whenever I have friends visit I love to take them there. In college my girl Jess and I spent more than a few drunken nights climbing the statue and taking ridiculous photos–none of which I’m willing to post here. “Look it’s grabbing my butt. Now you sit in the hand…” Oh those were the days…

But today they’re digging up the statue and moving it to a burgeoning new ‘hot spot’ in Prince George’s County–the National Harbor. Some guy bought it for like three-quarters of a million dollars and it’s now gonna “anchor the main promenade at Prince George’s County’s National Harbor project.”

Well, booooooo! P.G. County needs to get their own damn statue and leave ours the hell alone. Really rich guy? Just “I want that one!” like Michael Jackson in that souvenir store? Y’all remember what I’m talking about… If you have $750,000 to spend, you could have just paid someone to build you your own. I hate rich people. I can’t wait til I’m rich so I can give some rich people a piece of my mind.