Get Fine ’09 – Pt. 1

There is nothing more discouraging than deciding to get in shape and realizing you can’t fit any of your old gym clothes. Literally y’all, I am working out so that I can fit into my sports bra.

My jogging/walking outfits are embarrassing. Today I just threw on a top and a bottom that looked relatively absorbent, topped it off with a GAP baseball cap and hit the road. I don’t have a fannypack (because well, for the same reason you don’t) so my blackberry was bulging from my capri sweatpants pocket. And the tennis shoes I was wearing — let’s just say there may be some photos of me wearing these same tennis shoes in college. During my cool down I passed another jogger – a very fit woman wearing a very cute jogging suit, and I was envious. Not of her figure, but of her color coordination. Yet I refuse to go out and buy cute workout clothes when I have perfectly good ones collecting dust at home.

Exhale… I’m gonna keep my head up though because in the words of the great philosopher Justin Timberlake, I gotta “get my sexy ONNNNN!” Operation Get Fine in ’09 is going well so far. Wish me luck!