Fourth o’ July – Pt. 2 (Play Hard)

Kellz, Joie, and Chris

Kellz, Joie, and Chris

So me and BFF’s Joie and Kellz went to a BBQ at new buds Chris and Zach’s house on the 4th. And boy did they do it up. They had kegs of whatever you wanted to drink and tons of food — they roasted an entire pig! Zach said it took from about 6am to 3pm to cook it. WOW!


We like big sunglasses.


By the time we got there, they’d already sliced up the pig. But the face and the ears were just chilling on the picnic table… Because boys think it’s funny to gross girls out. Pighead aside, it was damn tasty though. Shout to whoever made the special bbq sauce for the sandwiches. YUM! Good job guys ;)


Ugly Thrash Demon

Chris found a band made up of high school kids to perform at the BBQ. They were actually pretty good. There were just a lot of them… Think Earth Wind and Fire — except the exact opposite. Tee hee ;) Their name was Ugly Thrash Demon, but they weren’t a metal band. Because you can’t be a metal band with a ukelele. Or an accordion. Or maracas. Or a cello… Should I continue?

Oh why the hell not?… Or a trumpet.

I’m assuming the name was supposed to be ironic. And well, I think it was except I’m still not clear exactly what ironic means. I always use it wrong…


Moving on.

Zach’s parents were in town, and his mom is kinda the best — she’s southern and adorable, AND she convinced me to participate in my first ever game of beer pong. Well, kinda… I’m not a big beer drinker so the other players were nice enough to bend the rules for me… I just wanted to see if I could get the ball in the cup ;) Check out my follow through!

Thanks fellas for the invite! We had so much fun ;)