The View


Good morning!

I made it to Tel Aviv yesterday afternoon and we had our first show last night–hours after I landed–in a town called Be’er Sheva. Really fun crowd. I met so many New Jersey transplants; several were from my hometown! The show was in a small, black box theater that sat maybe 80. But tonight’s show is in a 500-seat theatre, which should be awesome. We’re staying in a really great hotel and I’m running on fumes, but I got up bright and early to enjoy the hotel’s legendary breakfast spread and do some sightseeing. I’m not gonna let a little thing like exhaustion keep me from being great. I took this awesome panoramic (this is my first ever panoramic) from the balcony of my hotel room. We’re right on the Mediterranean (left) and we saw surfers out yesterday. Definitely gonna go down closer to the beach today.

Desperately seeking caffeine,

Biding my time in Rrroma


Did you roll your mind’s r’s when you read that? Awesome.

I just landed in Rome for the layover on my way to Tel Aviv. The foundation flew me here like I was fancy so I got to sit in one of those cubbies with the ottoman and the massage chair and the four-course meal. And the free wine. Oh, the free wine… Much of my life as a comic would make for an epic struggle rap, but on some days, I feel like I’ve made some pretty decent life choices.

When I get to Tel Aviv, I’m on my own to get to the hotel, because it’s Sabbath and the car service is not available. I’m looking forward to that little adventure, a couple hours of sleep and then our first show tonite!

P.S. It will be 9am here when I board the next flight. I will be requesting more free wine.

Talk soon!

Holy Land Holiday

This Thanksgiving weekend, I am traveling to ISRAEL! I know, right?!

I am honored and excited to have been invited to perform on the Koby Mandell Foundation‘s Comedy for Koby Winter 2015 tour. The Foundation is named for a young teenager who was murdered by terrorists in 2001 while hiking near his home, and is designed to help family members of victims of terror and others who have lost loved ones in tragic circumstances by providing them with a social support network and a variety of programs that helps them deal with the loss. They run a summer camp for kids, called Camp Koby, and host events throughout the year.

I’ll be joining three other comics for eight shows in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Gush Etzion, Modiin, Ra’Anana, Be’er Sheva and Beit Shemesh. I’m looking forward to the shows and seeing everything I possibly can while there. I’ve got all my gadgets and chargers and converters ready for the flight This is gonna be the trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to share it with all of you!