Just Wrong

OK, so I finally caught the movie “Just Wright” from the beginning. And I’m pissed. Not just because the plot kinda stunk and there was no chemistry between the two main characters… but because it’s set in my home state (New Jersey) and in the scene where Common and Queen Latifah meet, they’re at a gas station pumping gas. In New Jersey.

Whoever wrote, directed, fact-checked and.or produced this film gets an “F” for effort. Seriously, the movie is set in one of only two states in the union where it’s illegal to pump your own gas, and the main characters meet while doing just that? As a Jersey girl, Latifah should know better.

Shame on you, Dana.

As I was watching it I went straight to Facebook and Twitter to vent my frustrations:

I was happy that a lot of my fellow New Jerseyans were disturbed by this as well. But I wasn’t satisfied. I know I was a little late to the game (the movie came out almost a year ago), but I needed to know if this inconsistency had been exposed and discussed on the Internet previously. So I Googled “just wright gas station jersey” which brought up a Wiki Page. I then scrolled down to the “Plot Errors” section and found this.

Mmmmm… Sweet validation. Yum.

There’s nothing that can be done about it now. But for all the big movie directors and producers who read this blog: If you decide to base your film in New Jersey and you need an activity around which characters meet and interact, stay away from gas pumping. Dinner at a diner or a White Castle will work just as well.

You can thank me later.

You’re welcome.