Getting to know you

“Being an actor is the art of becoming other people; being a comedian is the art of learning who you are.” Jerry Seinfeld

Simple distinction, but it’s a very profound quote.

Over the course of the past 8 years I’ve learned things about myself that I’m not sure I’d ever have learned were it not for comedy. I’ve learned what I am and am not willing to sacrifice for my career. I’ve learned how to lean on people. I’ve learned who not to trust. I’ve learned how other people’s belief in me has the power to propel me through the toughest of situations. I’ve learned that I work best with my blinders on. I’ve learned to do what feels right to me, and that what other people would do if they were me is irrelevant. I’ve learned that “Que será será” isn’t a cop out; it’s a universal law, the acceptance of which is integral to my continued sanity. I’ve learned that I’m way more motivated by the successes of untalented people than I am by those of the talented.

I’ve learned that the “Real Erin” is both hopeful and cynical. Not intentionally offensive, but not politically correct either. Often lonely, yet not crazy about inviting new people into her circle… And I used to be afraid of being all those things. On stage at least. I worried that if I let people see all that, they wouldn’t like me. But I now know that this job is 100% about saying, “Hey, this is who I am. You’re either along for the ride or you’re not.”

Life is 100% about that too.

This journey hasn’t been/isn’t/won’t be easy, but it’s been an invaluable (albeit sometimes unprofitable) one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Thanks guys, for reading and for riding with me.

Stand-up, WorldPeace, and the streets

So, LA Laker Ron Artest is now a stand-up. His Ron Artest Ultimate Comedy Tour kicked off Friday nite at the Melrose Improv in LA. And I so wish I could have been there. I know a few comics who went out to catch the shows, and I’m anxious to hear how they went.

I like Ron Artest. I think at the core he’s probably a really good dude. He’s made some mistakes, been through some tough stuff, and seems to be dealing with his issues in a very healthy way. He’s become an advocate for mental health. He sponsors summer youth basketball leagues… And he’s damned entertaining. He consistently makes me laugh — though I’m not convinced he always means to.

A Twitter friend of mine asked me last nite if it made me angry when stars with no comedy background decide to foray into stand-up. I told him no. Because the stage is the great equalizer. For self-destructive actors. For professional athletes in a lock-out year. Even for great comedians. I’m really paraphrasing here, but in his documentary “Comedian,” Jerry Seinfeld says something like: Being famous gets you maybe five minutes of leeway with the audience. After that you have to be funny.

Can I get an “AMEN” Charlie Sheen?

At least Ron Artest realized up front that he should just host the show and pack it with established stand-ups. He’ll tell some prepared jokes, I imagine. And he’ll probably do some off the cuff, stream-of-consciousness stuff. And I’m sure people will laugh with/at him. Because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I mean, have you heard him rap? He can’t be serious about that, right? And the name change thing… Here he is talking about it on PTI:

Oh, Ron. At least you’re not going completely “Ochocinco” with it. But I’m not sure you can call yourself WorldPeace and still be “the streets.”

Tee hee. I heart it. Live your life, Ron Ron. I’m a fan. #NoSnark

I hate doctor’s offices too, Jerry

OK so we all know how I heart Jerry Seinfeld…

I had an experience in a doctor’s office yesterday that reminded me of his ‘Doctors’ bit. So I thought I’d post this cute little video and a photo of me waiting ;) You’re welcome. Tee hee ;) I just don’t get why we have to put on the robe to wait. If I already gotta sit there for 35-40 minutes, why do I have to have my ass out?

Ahhhh, one of life’s seminal questions…

The waiting game...

The waiting game...

And here’s Jerry’s take on doctors. If you’ve never seen this bit, enjoy. And if you know it… sing along! ;)

Have a great day, y’all