Dear Jesus: Can I get some extra credit? Love, EJ

You ever wish you had just a little less home training?

Tonight while I was in Home Depot at the self-checkout kiosk, I noticed that someone had left this wallet full of money (those are all 20’s) on top of the kiosk beside mine. I was on the phone with my girlfriend Dana at the time and had just finished using all the cash — including every single silver coin in my wallet — to pay for the painter’s tape I needed. She can attest that although I knew it was right, I was mumbling under my breath the entire way over to the customer service desk, while simultaneously wishing I weren’t raised by such good Christian parents.

Sometimes it feels like scruples are overrated…

I looked thru the wallet for identification, and while there was plenty of other stuff — including credit and insurance cards — I wasn’t able to find a driver’s license so that I could attempt to contact him. So I really, really hope that the people at the customer service desk were honest. Because I’d hate to have turned the wallet in as I found it, and have him not receive all the contents back. Dana thought I should leave my card for him to let him know who found it. And I probably would if I’d had one, but a reward isn’t necessary; it was the right thing to do. I am, however, considering TwitPic-ing this photo to Jesus’ Twitter account so I can make sure he saw my good deed.