I dressed up for Halloween this year for the first time since I was in kindergarten–well, the first time since this happened:

Pt. 2 of how I snuck #Halloween once. Thanx @michie3g!!! Looking out for me since the 80’s. #ShhhDontTellMyMama A video posted by Erin Jackson (@ejthecomic) on

When I was growing up my parents never let me go Halloweening because: Jesus, eternal damnation, etc. But this year, I went out with my best friend (that’s her in the video) to take my goddaughter trick-or-treating, and I decided I wanted a costume, too. I only had about two hours to put something together, so I did a quick search for ideas online and then headed out for supplies. I got some iron-on transferable letters from Michaels and a plain sweatshirt from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Here’s what I came up with. Can you guess what I was…?

ironing  ironing2

Yeah, no one else could either.

I was a ceiling fan. Get it? “Yaaaaay, Ceiling!” Shut up, it was my first time putting together a costume. I feel like if I could have found some pom-poms, it would have made more sense to people. But I’m willing to accept that I might be wrong. I had a blast trick-or-treating vicariously through my goddaughter. It was a beautiful day and most of the little kids’ costumes were too cute for words. Every girl over the age of 12 apparently went as a hooker, but #heytheynotmykidsso… Looking forward to more Halloweens in costume. Someone, have a party and invite me, please. Maybe next year I could be a church fan. Or anything other than that. I’ll just surprise you. Thanks in advance.