Laugh, then scream

Last night I had a show — an AWESOME show — at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. It was my first college show of the school year and theirs as well. Glad it was yesterday, cuase they’ve got Dean Edwards coming in today and I didn’t want to have to follow him. Booker T. Washington, Go ‘head GVSU for booking two brown comics back-to-back to open the school year!!! That doesn’t usually happen until February.

Moving on, I love this poster they did for the event. They had an advanced screening of “Scream 4” scheduled in the same room just after my show so they put both events on the same poster. It looks like the Scream killer is sneaking up on me, doesn’t it? I’m totally putting it in my press kit that I was in Scream 4. And I’m gonna use this poster image to prove it. You didn’t see me? Well maybe you came in late or blinked or something. You know the brown girl always dies first.

Tee hee. Thanx GVSU!