Monkey love


Somebody help me get this monkey off my back.

This picture of me and Mindy the Monkey was taken during a show I had at the US Air Force Academy. Doesn’t she look excited? Don’t I look like I’m stifling a scream? There was… a lot going on at the venue. Comedy, exotic animals, caricatures, laser tag, mechanical bull riding, arts and crafts. I did an hour in the midst of all that… Some nites it actually feels like a job.

Stop biting monkeys and stuff

The other day my girlfriend Nikki was telling me how she had recently confused the expressions “monkey on your back” and “hair of the dog that bit you” into like “bite the monkey that bit you on your back” … or something equally as hilarious ;)

Which got me to thinking about the song “Monkey” by George Michael:

I LOVED George and Wham as a kid. And my 9-year-old brain thought this was a song about a man whose girlfriend had a pet monkey that he was jealous of. I remember thinking if she loves him why would she choose to play with her monkey and make her boyfriend sad?

I wish I were kidding.

One of my uncles explained the song to me… and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the 4th grade EJ learned all about the perils of substance abuse.

Hahaha… Of course I now realize that George Michael having a girlfriend was equally as funny as a woman who preferred a monkey to a man.