Pee-pee Toms

So I’m in Kansas City working at the Improv this weekend. And before my first show tonite I had to run to the little girls room. Well, when I went into the stall and shut the door, what do I see but my good buddy Vince Morris staring down at me!

I’ve known Vince since my first months in comedy. And he’s one of my very best friends…

Me and VinnyV

But that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable tinkling in front of him. I love that the club and adjoining restaurant do such a good job promoting the upcoming acts, but this one was a little much for me. I couldn’t concentrate. I had to change stalls. On the door of the next stall I entered was Tommy Davidson. Also a little weird — not because I know him so well, but more because of the way he was smiling…

Every stall = Different dude.

Let’s just say I will be using a different bathroom tomorrow.