Thanks for playing along

I’m always telling people to “get a life.”

It’s definitely my most overused phrase in conversation or e-mail — followed closely by “get out of my life.” Haha. The fun for me is in finding creative ways to say it. Like the other day I told my friend to, “find someone who has a life, tap them on the shoulder, and ask if you can borrow it.” Corny I know but it makes me giggle. I e-mailed Dawan the other day (no need for last names I feel like I talk about him enough ;) and said the following:

at 10:54 AM, Erin Jackson wrote:

get a life.

no really, go to eBay, type in “life” in the search bar… and bid on one

He then wrote me back and said:

Is this what it should look like?

Click to enlarge the hilarity


Tee hee ;) Man, I love when my friends play along. Thanks D, for being as silly as me ;)

That’s exactly what it should look like.