I’m a hustler. I’m a, I’m a hustler…

So I’m out jogging this morning (suspend your disbelief) and an older lady who was leaning up against a light pole waved me over. I didn’t know if she needed help or what so of course I went over… and she tried to sell me Mary Kay cosmetics. While I was jogging. For real? Is that the new pink Cadillac hustle? I almost gave her “the big eyes,” but she was old enough to be my granny so I just said “No, thank you” and kept it moving.

Mary Kay ladies really are shameless, though. One of my girlfriends said a lady tried to sell her Mary Kay at church, during the part of service where you say “God bless you” and greet your neighbor. And she wasn’t even her neighbor! I’m sure it’s not real Christian to take back a “God bless you,” but neither is critiquing someone’s pores during the sign of peace.

I don’t see how posting up near a light pole and waiting for joggers to pass at 8:30 in the morning is a good marketing plan. I mean I’m dripping sweat, I’m out of breath, and who jogs with their credit cards? It seriously felt like a drug deal… Take this sample and if you like it, meet me back here tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if she modeled her sales pitch after a for real street hustler, cause Mary Kay ladies appear to be about that life.