I’m giving up my diet for Lent

But only because I heart Jesus.


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On another note, Poor Star. She got the axe again. Sista can’t keep a job. You may not have even known she had a show on CourtTV/TruTV (oh who am I kidding… you knew… you just didn’t watch it) but it was cancelled this week. I really only watched “The View” a handful of times when she was on there as I always had a job, but I kinda liked her. Smart, spunky big girl–kinda like… (FITB). She’s a little weird looking now, but whatevs… 

I thought it was kinda sheisty the way Bawbwa Wawa tried to do her at the end, so I’m not mad at her for leaving the show on her terms. But I do think she’s a media attention ho. I’m sure she’ll be ok financially–she and her wife don’t pay for anything themselves anyway. What stinks is that my good bud Jeremy Schachter (yes, THE Jeremy Schachter… who’d you think I meant… that OTHER loser?) was the MOS correspondent for her show and now he’s out of a gig (or at least he’s out of one of them.) Check out his site for clips, cause I’m sure you didn’t see that ish when it was on TV–hence the plug pull.

Anyway, not a lot to blog about today. Laterz.