Roy Cox is a flipping genius!!!

A bunch of people have asked me lately who did my latest round of promo shots. So I wanted to do a post about the amazing photographer / magician known as Roy Cox.

Me and Roy

Me and Roy

He actually has done the last 3 rounds of photos for me, and he is absolutely amazing! Thanks to Roy, GF’09 (29 pounds down, y’all!!!), and fabulous make-up artist Cataanda J., I have a brand new set of promo shots that I L.O.V.E.

Roy is based in Baltimore so he might not be local for a lot of you. But I wanted to shout him out (not that he needs me for sure, I mean check out his site) because he’s amazing to work with and his staff and the make-up artists he works with are awesome too! Plus, he’s way more affordable for headshots than his work would indicate — otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford to work with him ;) Check him out if you’re in need of some promotional photos. He’ll make you look like an even-more-awesome you!

Muah, Roy! Love ya!!!

What do I know about being wealthy?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet tonight I’m going to be a guest on a radio show called “Wealthy Lifestyles/Real Money Radio” with financial expert Deborah Owens on WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore, MD. I can only imagine they’re going to use me as an example of what NOT to do with your life if you want to have a wealthy lifestyle. Either that, or they’re gonna ask me to tell jokes to make other poor people feel better ;)

As I’ve accepted my lot in life, I would be fine with either.

If you’re in the Balto. Metro area and have the chance, check me out tonite from 7-8. I hope the host doesn’t pull a Barbara Walters and try and make me cry. With the week I’ve been having it wouldn’t take much. Tune in if you can!