This is all that’s left of my car.


Someone stole it early yesterday morning. There were 7 car break-ins on my block, but mine appears to be the only one that was taken. As y’all know I need my car to do my job. Travel is a huge part of being a comic and if I can’t get from one gig to the next… well you understand.

The insurance company tried to comfort me by telling me that 65% of all stolen cars are recovered. But that means very little when I have to be in Jersey tomorrow nite and had to pay to rent a car on my own. And the 35% chance of having to get a new car (not new, new though. I’ll never do that again) when I have exactly no money is so frightening.

The thing I will never understand (and I’m aware that this is going to sound awful) is why people who don’t have much and live in the hood steal from other people in the hood… It’s like if you have to take sh!t, go to the high-rent districts where people have cars to spare. We’re over here trying to make it just like them. They stole my 10-year old Corolla which has been awesome and hella reliable but also had just 3 hubcaps, lots of scratches and a big dent on the right side. It’s pretty obvious that that’s all I have. The GPS I was gifted that helps me out when I’m working on the road, my video camera, tripod… all of that was in there. I have no idea how I’m gonna recoup that considering the Blue Book of the car is less than $2,000 and well, I’m a comedian who’s had a very slow summer. It was worth so much more.

They gotta find it. That’s it.

6 thoughts on “Someone stole my car. But they took so much more.

  1. angi

    I know this is really affecting you, and I understand why, though I know I can’t fully understand to what extent. I won’t offer words of wisdom or things that will sound comforting when I am sure right now, you just want to be mad. Which you should be, and you can be, and you will be. Just hope that after all is said and done, this turns out okay for you. Because you’re so much more than this, too. Love you!
    .-= angi´s last blog ..Getting Grown =-.

  2. Dionne

    EJ I feel your pain. Someone stole my laptop with my Master’s Thesis on it three months before I was supposed to defend. I also was hood adjacent. It took me a year to rewrite. I still have a lot of anger about it. I hope they find your car!!!!!!!

  3. Ansel

    Hey EJ,

    I apologize, its been awhile since I’ve written. As you can see i still read your blog religiously. Im so sorry to hear about your car. That really sucks! :-(

  4. Jenny

    I don’t understand the logic behind stealing your car other than pure HATE. Clearly, something bigger and better is in store for you because the math just doesn’t add up. I’ll keep praying that things will turn around quickly. I got cha when I get to Jersey, we can have Pizza every night and I have two coupons for KFC that I’ll bring for lunch/dinner. Your girls will help ya get through this. I may even change my flight and come up on Thursday night, I’ll keep ya posted. Love ya!

  5. restaurant refugee

    I had a car stolen once… on a Sunday… in front of my church (also in the hood.) I feel your pain. It is a violating experience that no one can really understand unless they’ve been through it. I am sorry for all of the things this cost you and hope that you can find a silver lining through some good material at least.

    By the by, your other belongings are probably covered under your home insurance policy.
    .-= restaurant refugee´s last blog ..Ain’t Nothing but a Family Thing – Update =-.

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