I had a show on Friday nite in Red Lion, PA, which is just the next town over from York. Don’t you just LOVE how all their street signs have a red lion on them? I do. ;) Turned out to be a really, really fun show. Small crowd due to the holiday weekend but they all came to laugh and we had a BALL! I hung out with the owner and his family, the other comics and some of the audience members for a couple hours after the show just drinking and chatting it up on the patio of the venue. Good times!

They put us up in a local bed and breakfast which is always fine with me. I like B&B’s and I’m not usually picky about lodging as long as it’s clean. But when I walked into the room I was to stay in it had two twin beds in it. GEEZ LOUISE!!! I haven’t slept in a twin bed since I was the age and size you are when you’re supposed to stop sleeping in twin beds. It was the worst nite of sleep I’ve had in years. I kept waking up just as I was about to roll off the bed. My back was in tears by the morning. And what made it even worse is that when I spoke with the other guests, I realized it was the only room that had twin beds and DIDN’T have a private half bathroom.

Why did I get shafted?

When they checked me in, they should have been able to take one look at me and tell that a twin bed probably wouldn’t suit me. I wasn’t the only single person staying there, and I checked in before the other single guest. But here’s the kicker…

If you look at the screenshot above, I was staying in the Spring Room. You can see a picture of the tiny ass bed I had to sleep in. BUT in the description it says that the room contains 2 twin beds OR 1 king size bed. I’m sayin’: What’s a girl gotta do to get the “or?” Exhale. I’m definitely not a diva; I just prefer the bed I’m sleeping in to be larger than I am. Now perhaps that’s more a statement about how large I am, than how large the bed wasn’t… But if you say that to me, we can’t be friends anymore. You get that, right?

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