I was just reading about Kimora Lee’s new baby on a message board where someone had the user name “MSBLKNASTY1”… Which means not only that “MSBLKNASTY” was already taken (you know what they say about ‘great minds’), but that this person was so determined to have that user name that when it came up as unavailable she proceeded to enter additional characters until she got a hit… as if it were her real name. Oh i can’t have ErinJackson? OK, how bout Erinjackson1.


So many questions. I hope she doesn’t find me and wanna fight.

3 thoughts on “Innnnnn-appropriate… That’s what you are

  1. Beckie

    What gets me is the formality applied. I mean, is it really necessary to have the Ms.? Cuz y’all don’t know me well enough to just call me blcknasty1?!

    And why am I grateful she at least didn’t spell nasty with a z? My username should be lowerd_eggspecktayshunz. Sigh.

  2. Erin

    And this is why EJ hearts Beckie ;) Don’t be surprised if you hear this gem of a comment onstage/TV. This is way too funny to just be seen on my little ol’ blog!

    “Y’all don’t know me!…”

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