I like to think of myself as a fan of modern art. I haven’t formally studied or read a great deal of literature about it, but when I see a piece I really like there’s little to nothing that can stop me from buying it — and I mean nothing, including not having a place to put it or enough money to buy it. I’m reckless that way.

While I was at Howard I developed a fondness for collage and mixed media art. There is a permanent piece in the Howard University Gallery Lounge by renowned African American collage artist Romare Bearden that I fell in love with. And ever since then I’ve had a weakness for the medium. Clearly I’m in no position to fill my little 1 BR with original pieces of art from some of my favorite collagists, but I’ve discovered some amazing local DC artists who do amazing work that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and purchase pieces from.

As y’all know I spend most Sunday afternoons at Capitol Hill’s Eastern Market. Even when I’m inside-out-pocket broke, I’ll rustle up some loose change or a few singles from my ’emergency stash’ and at least come back with some fresh cut flowers or some fresh fruit or veggies… Here are a few pieces I’ve bought from local artists who have booth space at the Market:


This piece is by Jackson-Collins. Bottom line, he is amazing. An internationally acclaimed artist, you’ll often find him at the market working on a piece he’s not planning or willing to sell. If you get the chance to go and just talk to him you’ll be intrigued, I promise. An art and music purist, his love for both shines thru in all he does and says.

good_hair.gif for_you.gif

The two pieces above are by collagist Donna B. She is my fave ;) These are just two of the four pieces I have by her. I’ve never actually met her because her mom operates her booth but her pieces are just adorable. The details in all the overlapping pieces of paper and the colors she uses just make me smile. She also does really unique cards for all occasions.

This weekend when I went to the market I was completely broke. In fact I had to put two gorgeous peaches back because when I got to the scale I realized that I didn’t have enough :( But on my way out of the market I walked by this one stand that I’ve seen a million times and finally took a really close look at the pieces. The artist is Erika Rubel and her business is called Had Matter. Among other things, she makes the most adorable vintage wall keyholders with mail pockets. She takes old photos and postcards and combines them with license plates and tons of other items to create these uber-cool and very unique conversation pieces. It took me a while, but I finally settled on one. DAMN YOU MASTERCARD!!!


I don’t think you can read what’s written on the gas pumps, so here goes… The one on the left says. “Fill up with the Holy Ghost & Fire.” And the one on the right says, “Fill up with old time salvation.” That combined with the rustic license plate just did it for me ;)

I know art is super subjective, but if you liked anything you saw on this blog and you’re in the DC Metro area, I encourage you to go out and support these folks. There are tons of local artists that I’m sure would love to meet ya! There’s a great amount of mutual support and respect between the visual and performing artists in this area. I’m more than happy to be a part of it. I hope you will too.

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