Yeah so I’m cold.

Why don’t you turn on the heat, Erin?

Good question.

The answer: Because I can’t. My condo was refurbished from an old apartment building, so while it’s super cute and all the appliances were new when I moved in, I don’t have central air/heat. We have window units and radiators…

So just open the radiator, Erin.

Again, good suggestion.

My response: I could do that, but no heat would come out. A few weeks ago after a brief warm spell our property management company turned off the heat for the spring. And we can’t turn it on again because we were robbed by our previous property management company and as of right now are working on suing them and replenishing the reserve money they stole from us. In short, we cannot currently afford to turn the heat back on.

Yes, that is very project-ish — especially considering I pay a mortgage and association fees… I should not have to sit in my house with my oven open…


But I’m doing it. And don’t you dare judge me… I’ll clean my oven when I thaw out.


Sure the hat and scarf may be a little overly dramatic — but that’s what I do.

There are other factors contributing to my freezing my butt off and this cold I can’t get rid of. Reasons I won’t get into here. But I have a neighbors who are sick and many of us are wearing full-on winter outfits around the house and to bed (don’t worry about how I know ;). I have to go into the studio tonight and shoot 3 radio segments — I can’t breathe through my nose and I sound like crap. I know I sound like I’m whining, and I don’t mean it to come off that way. I was going more for PISSED OFF!!! Thank goodness for my Snuggies –  and the fact that my place isn’t very big. When I cook in the summer I often complain about how hot the place gets. Today there are no complaints.

My upstairs neighbor Rafeal laughed at me last week when I told him about my oven warming. He said he hadn’t heard about anyone doing that in years. Sure, I feel like I climbed right out of an episode of Good Times…

(Just looking outta the window…)


But it gets the job done.

Pissed, cold and congested,


3 thoughts on “Good Times: Aren’t we lucky we have them?

  1. Isa J

    Beyond your story about not having heat (which sucks royally), I chuckled at how you corrected the grammar in the “Good Times” song for your title….lol!

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