OK, so one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see an item of clothing with a non-functional pocket or zipper. I mean, I’ve never understood why that is a desirable design element. Fake pockets that are sewn up, really shallow pockets, pockets so tiny that can’t possibly fit anything in them… I just don’t get it.

So I have decided to start a new photo/series feature called “Useless Pockets” where I photograph clothing with useless pockets that piss me off and share them with all of you (of course by ‘all of you’ I mean my 6 regular readers). Now, in the interest of full disclosure I was 2 or 3 Jack and Gingers in when I decided to undertake this project, and it wasn’t very well thought out. But that’s OK, cause like most new features I start on this blog, it will probably be short lived… Anyway, here is the first installment:

I took this photo of my friend Kacey at a Labor Day BBQ. Now Kacey is a very stylish dude. And I liked the shirt but I gotta say… that’s a pretty ridiculous pocket. What could you possibly put in that pocket? Kacey said that he could put all the numbers he gets from the girls at club in there. And I agreed… I agreed that if it were 1995 he certainly could have done that. But since no one carries pens and paper to write down digits at social outings anymore if he wanted to collect numbers and put them in his pocket, he’d have to put his cell phone in there.

Which is even more ridiculous. This post is stupid. Almost as stupid as that pocket. G’nite y’all.

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