OK so this is super cute:
I’m working with a HS freshman who had to do a research project on a career she’s interested in and she contacted me because she wants to be a comic. That’s her on the right. Her name is Kate. I’ve e-mailed back and forth with her mom several times and she’s so supportive! Kate had to do a live interview as part of her project so instead of just meeting at a Starbucks or something I thought it might be cool for her to do it at a comedy club. So I invited her and her mom to meet me at the Improv last nite before my show. They were both so cute and excited. It really made my nite, and it made me really think about why I do what I do and how much I love it. I talk a lot. Hope I didn’t ramble too much. ;)

I really enjoyed helping out with the project and I hope she gets a good grade. I’ve never been the subject of a research project before, but I’ll tell you this: I was way more intrigued by a mom who supports her 15-year old’s desire to become a comedian than they could possibly have been by anything I said. I feel like I should have been doing a book report on her! I may e-mail her my mom’s phone number…

Good luck, Kate! Stay in touch!!!

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