Went to a diner for breakfast early this morning after my show. My friend Mike ordered cheese grits with his pancakes. This is what he got:

OK… Technically there are grits here, and there is “cheese.” But these are most definitely NOT cheese grits. Even if this is how they were going to make them, couldn’t they have mixed it up in the back and brought it out cheesy? “F” effort. This cook was just like Grits? Check. Cheese? Check… Come and get it.”

Exhale. My puffy-girl sensibilities were offended. ‘Cause I love a good bowl of cheese grits. It wasn’t even my food but I wanted to send it back; have a talk with the cook about whatever happened in his childhood that led him to do this…

But most of all I wanted to tell him to “please pack his knives and go.”

5 thoughts on ““F” for Effort

  1. Dr. Jenny

    Unfortunately, that’s the new way to “make” cheese grits. I guess the thought process is the grits are hot so if you mix it up real quick the cheese will melt. Boooo! I SMH every time I get these new style of “cheese grits”, they really need to call this cheese and grits because cheese grits they are not!

  2. Erin

    “New way” my arse! That’s the LAZY way. Cheese grits should be made with cheddar cheese, not American sandwich slices. And what’s so hard about stirring it up in the kitchen. I’m sorry I can’t get with this…

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