Guess I’ll just wait and see…

Photo Moral #1: If you give a damn, how ’bout you spend more than a dollar on your pregnancy test.

Photo Moral #2: If you don’t have enough money for a legit pregnancy test, you should probably be hoping for a “not pregnant” result.

15 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests

  1. Jaykat

    Don’t be so quick to down the dollar tree pregnant test. In fact, I used the First Response (4) and clear blue easy test(5). Both came back negative. I used the cheap dollar tree test and guess what it came back positive. Went to the doctor and they confirmed. I am currently 5 weeks.

  2. Carissa

    So we have been TTC for 18 months now and pregnancy tests + fertility meds can get a bit on the spendy side so don’t be bashing on the people who go to the dollar store for there tests….. Money is tight for every one right now…. Even us who make 55,000.00 a year…… I can afford those fancy tests but im not going to pay $18.00 + $500.00 a month on fertility meds when i can spend just $1.00 and it will tell me the same………

  3. JustMe

    Ditto, JayKat and Carissa! I hate when people say that shit…if you can’t afford the expensive ones, then don’t have a baby! How about if “you can’t afford a 100,000 dollar car, ride a friggin bike, retard!”

    I also recently became preggo (and our income is 78,000 yearly just in case some of you are concerned) and I bought the Dollar Tree tests – 10 a month! I got a faint positive on my DT test, which prompted me to use my First Response test (at 7 bucks a pop) and guess what, FR was negative! So, I took another FR test about 9 hours later and it was finally positive…but the DT test already told me that ;)

    Good luck TTCers! I wish you all happy, healthy babies!

  4. Beki

    It was kind of bothersome whether a joke or not. Just because people can afford something more expensive doesn’t mean they should buy it. We live in a Mil dollar home and have about a quarter mil income and I STILL buy the dollar tree tests to save money.

  5. Erin

    This is really hilarious to me, I’m sorry. Because the only way you could have landed here is to Google “Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests”… What types of articles were you looking for? Also, I have no problem approving comments criticizing my posts, but please understand you’ve all left your finger-wagging comments on the blog of a comedian who probably earns less than half of what you do — WAY less in some cases (a quarter million dollars, etc.) And of course, lest we forget… I was IN THE DOLLAR TREE…

    I don’t have a lot. But I am capable of laughing at myself. Try it… And hey if you can’t see the humor/irony/whatever, know that your comments were heard. And I really am glad that you found my site.

  6. cheryl zeidlik

    I too have to add that te dollar tree tests are MORE sensitive than the first response and such. I wasted lots of money until I researched the facts. The dollar tree has 25 mui sensitivity and FR has 50??? The lower the number the better chance of detecting your pregnancy earlier….so you do the math. I just purchased 3 tests in far of being pregnant for the 4th time. I am 38 yrs old and this was not planned. And I chose to stay home with my 3, 14 and 1 yr olds. So my husband is pulling the weight for a family of 5 and family dollar goes a loooonnnngggg way. But it is funny about the pic of the store though. Our store in Hazlet, nj is set up a little better!!!

  7. OLLIE!!

    I appreciate everyone’s comments as well and keeping in mind the sensitivity of the economy. But as a man, if Erin had posted a picture of Condoms in the Dollar Tree, the jokes would have been along the lines of “Baby Boom in 2010′” or “Pin Holes included” never once coming up with the notion that these are tough times for everyone. As Erin said, it’s a comedian’s blog and her job is to find humor in every day events. With Erin’s job in mind I love how the pregnancy test is above a tube that says “Oral” and “Anal”. Definite high comedy!!

  8. pidge

    Ok. this is kinda funny. BUT, we CAN afford our kids.. and the thing is.. for whatever reason, I spent like $50 trying to figure out if I was preg the first time. Very ambiguous and tons of Negative results. Got a dollar tree one, and voila! It was positive. Very clearly so. Then took another one (Had like 3 of the BIG name brands) and it was still negative. The next time I got preg, I confirmed with a name brand the positive dollar tree result. But i had to do so 2 weeks AFTER DT test showed up. For whatever reason, DT tests are cheaper and much much more reliable and clear and show up way sooner than the others. Funny picture, but kinda ironic that these tests actually do serve me and my friends much much better. With the money we save, we can afford this internet connection to see your joke! :)

  9. Carolyn

    Okay, some people who are actually TRYING to have a baby, actually “pee on sticks” a LOT especially really early so they go with the cheapest option so they dont have to spend over 200 dollars on pregnancy tests for ONE CYCLE! this might be MEANT to be funny, but its cruel and really NOT funny.! this : Photo Moral #1: If you give a damn, how ’bout you spend more than a dollar on your pregnancy test.

    Photo Moral #2: If you don’t have enough money for a legit pregnancy test, you should probably be hoping for a “not pregnant” result.

    IS NOT FUNNY!!! It may have been funny to some but for people who actually has been through TTC and bought $tree tests, its CRUEL!

  10. Jolene

    The reason people search dollar tree pregnancy test is because they are trying to find out more info about their sensitivity. You’re a horrible comedian. Seriously, don’t quit your day job.

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