I posted this photo on my Facebook page a couple months ago while I was sitting at a bar in Chicago. My beer of choice is Yuengling when available, but since it wasn’t, I ordered a Stella. Because the chalice makes me feel classy. Well, a few weeks after this I get an e-mail from my high-school friend Marques who now works for Anheuser-Busch. He saw my post and wanted to send me a chalice so I could drink whatever beverage I wanted out of it and still feel fancy. How nice is that??!?

I chose ornch soda. ‘Cause nothing says class like drinking ornch soda out of a gold-rimmed chalice. Fave Christmas gift! He actually sent a set of 6. I feel a cocktail party coming on…


4 thoughts on “Class

  1. Marques

    No problem, EJ!!!

    Please feel free to enjoy some our fine products in the Stella chalice also. ;)

    Can’t wait to see your show in Minnesota… #speakingitintoexistenceworks

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