The rent IS pretty damn high…

So I got to Central Park about an hour before my Laughter in the Park show, and I looked over to my right and thought I recognized the guy sitting on the bench next to me. Wasn’t he that The Rent Is Too Damn High Party guy who ran for NY governor a few years ago?

I’m not really sure why I wasn’t sure that it was him—he’s got a pretty unique look—but when someone rollerbladed by and yelled his catch phrase, and he threw up his fist, I knew it was him. I walked over to introduce myself and invite him to our show, and he told me that he was on the show as well.

Ummm… as what?

He said he wasn’t gonna do stand-up, he was just going to talk to the crowd, which… OK. He had a puppet that looked just like him. And… and… He was a super nice man to talk to, despite his endorsement of Trump. Such a random day. Only in NYC.