I don’t know how many of y’all would remember this theme song… Shoot, I doubt most of you even remember the show, but Damon Wayans had a TV show about 10 years ago called “Damon” and he was a detective… Yeah. I’m sure it didn’t even last an entire season. But it had the best theme song ever for a TV show ever. And every now and then it pops into my head… I was trying to get my boy to remember it but he didn’t… So I dug and dug and found it online.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the theme song to “Damon” as voiced by the lovely and talented Ms. Erykah Badu:

LISTEN: “Damon” theme song

And yes, in case there’s any confusion… the lyrics to that song were: It’s Damon’s show. It’s not your show. It’s Damon’s show.

HA! Now get up off the floor. Damn I love the Internet.

5 thoughts on “Best TV theme song ever!

  1. paulo

    Yes, mas! I remember that and here in brazil i think we only have 4 episodes on tv. But the song was freacking great. Too bad the link is not working anymore, I really want to listening to that again. That song rocks, and if Iยดm not wrong the show was kind of funny too. Well, Iยดll keep looking for that. Best wishes.

  2. Kia

    Yes, that was funky, but Gary Shandling had the best theme song! “This is the theme to Gary’s Show/the opening them to Gary’s show. This is the music that you hear while you watch the credits. I’m almost half-way done/how do you like if so far? How do you like the theme to Gary’s show?

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