Back in the saddle

OK, how hot is the new Lionel Richie single – “I Call It Love?” Way to come back strong! I’m loving that track! He’s got another hit on his hands, and that’s a good thing because he’s gotta keep baby girl in Prada and Gucci.

Yes, I’m old school.
Moving on, I saw the funniest thing this morning. There’s this (I presume) homeless man who’s usually standing on Washington Circle right in front of George Washington University Hospital when I get off the Metro in the mornings. And he’s been known to have some very interesting things lying around his cart. He’s got magazines and books lying on the ground — current magazines, in good condition. I think he’ll give you one if you drop some money in his cup. One day last winter, he was sitting down using a laptop and I remember thinking, really? A laptop? Do you have wireless internet access, cuz I don’t. I chuckled at that one. But THIS morning — this morning I came up the escalator, walked around the corner and this fool had a saddle sitting on the ground next to his shopping cart. A saddle y’all — like for a horse. You should have seen all the people consciously NOT looking at the saddle. I mean people would see it, and you’d just see this dazed, confused look cross their faces and then they’d look away — some shaking their heads like, “I did not just see that.”
Here’s my thing. Cool you have a saddle. You’re allowed. It’s not a crime. But if you’re homeless and you own a horse, maybe you should consider selling it… cuz those stable fees have gotta be kicking your arse.