Shoes you can’t use

OK, so I’ve never been an extremely girly girl. I’ve always taken care with my hair, nails and feet (actually I think I may go a little overboard on the pedicures… ;) But a fresh pair of tennis shoes or boots and jeans has been my uniform for most of my life. I’ve always looked for jobs where I didn’t have to dress up — it was literally a dealbreaker in several cases. Yay for comedy!!!But the older I get, the ‘girlier’ I get — if that makes sense. Now that I’m in my thirties, I wear makeup more often, buy colors other than blue and black, I buy cute little purses, and perhaps the ultimate in girly-girl-ishness — I buy really hot shoes that I can’t walk in. Oh yeah!

Because I don’t go out much outside of comedy clubs, I rarely have occasion to dress up. So now whenever I get the chance to go somewhere nice, I dress it up as much as possible. I’m going to the thee-a-tah (read: theatre) later this week and I had a really pretty dress picked out to wear, but BFF Kellz said that people don’t get that dressed up any more for regular theatre shows. Is that going to stop me? Probably not. I don’t think I’ve ever been overdressed for anything. Maybe it’ll be a nice experience ;)

I bought a pair of shoes today to go with my pretty thee-a-tah dress. They are soooo cute — black peep-toe Joan & David patent pumps. I heart them soooo much. But I’m having a bit of a hard time walking in them. Not because they hurt my feet, but because I simply don’t have much practice with heels. I know. I need to get it together ;) I’m sure that by the end of the evening my feet will be screaming… but isn’t that the price we must pay? I was talking to a boy today about how determined I was to master walking in my new, fabulous shoes, and he said — and I quote — “I don’t get why women do that.” Yeah, sure… He says he doesn’t get it, yet I’m pretty sure that if he saw a woman out in a super-hot dress wearing shoes like mine, she’d catch his attention.

I mean, sure we do it so we feel pretty. But we want boys to look at us too ;)

How un-feminist [yet completely honest] of me ;)