Pumpkin patch parties, The Incredible Hulk, and regret

It seemed like a good idea at first…

BFF Angi enlisted the help of some of her best girlfriends to pick out a Halloween costume for her son, Roman (7 1/2 mos. old). We passed on an owl, an elephant and a pumpkin and finally settled on this adorable number below.


Angi’s husband wasn’t too keen on having the baby dressed in such a cutesie costume. He suggested we try and find him a more manly costume — like Robocop or something. My response of course was that we’d probably have a difficult time finding a Robocop costume for the baby because he’s way too little… AND because it’s not 1988.

But I digress.

Roman was scheduled to attend the Pumpkin Patch Party* at their church (*more on this later). So Angi got him dressed and he was adorable as usual. Please see below:


I know, right… We all thought he looked adorable but I’m pretty sure he’s going to hate us for this in like 10-12 years. Now I wasn’t there, but I imagine this next photo was taken after Daddy explained that Mommy and her friends would be showing these pictures to his future wife one day. Continue reading →