Maronzio Vance is my hero

OK, so I was cruising the net blog-jacking today. But it had to be done. I am not sorry ;)

Fellow comedian Maronzio Vance is in the midst of a vlog war with none other than P. Diddy. He posted this video last week about how Puffy has the ‘reverse Midas touch’ if you will on his artists… He is saying everything any true 90’s hip hop and R&B fan has been thinking for the last two decades. Please stop what you’re doing and watch this now:

Then Puffy, Diddy, Sean John, whatever the hell… posted this reply — which is chock full of bitchassness. Oh Diddy, how did you let a comic bait you?

I’m so mad I’m just seeing this… I need to amend my previous entry. This should be at the top of the list of things that made me smile today ;) Please check out Maronzio’s Myspace page and let him know how freaking hilarious he is. I heart him for this. Can’t wait to see his re-response! Stay tuned…