EJ and Santa thru the years…

Don’t you dare judge me! I love taking Santa photos at Christmastime. They’re my absolute fav! Some folks think I’m too old for it, but we call those folks HATERS! So with the help of my mom I dug up a few of my faves thru the years. Enjoy! And FYI, I’m already braced for all the jokes about the glasses and the Jheri curl — so bring it!!!

This is me and my homie Brown Santa in ’09:

For real you guys, he said he’s gonna try and make one of my shows this week! If Brown Santa shows up at the Improv, I. Will. Pass. Out.

2008 Santa:

2007 Santa:

Santas of my youth — I’ve put these into what I believe to be chronological order:

I’m not even thinking about Santa… My daddy had just given me a cookie and I was looking at him. ;)

OK, why are we so cozy? We look kinda booed up here.

You think you know: The story behind this photo is that there was a giant hole in the knee of my tights! Santa wasn’t being fresh — he was just helping a young sista out. Hahaha ;)

Not sure why I’m so greasy in this one… Mom, please explain???

Is it Halloween or Christmas? Why do I look like Raggedy Ann?

A Jheri curl and coke bottles — AND WHAT?!?

Clearly getting too old for this, but whatevs Santa — gimme that Walkman!