How to NOT miss your blessing

I heard on the Today Show on Friday morning that a study showed that Louisiana was the ‘happiest’ state to live in. And after the fun I had this weekend in NOLA, I wouldn’t argue that one bit! I went to Louisiana to see BFF Jenny (excuse me — Dr. Jennifer Pinder Ellis) receive her Ph.D. from LSU!!! YAY! Sooooooo proud of you, J!


Jenny’s husband is from New Orleans and threw her a big graduation party at a great restaurant there on Friday nite.


And after a short program and a fantastic dinner, the party really got started. There was a great DJ who played line dances that I’ve never even heard of — in fact, I’m pretty sure Jen’s husband and his sister made at least 2 or 3 of those up on the spot ;) At some point we realized that some of the people from the holiday party across the corridor (where there was no DJ) were coming out into the hall to dance to the music at Jen’s party. The bartender even came to ‘notify’ us that they were mooching off our DJ ;) Tee hee ;) Continue reading →