I love you John McBride…

for sending me this… This is better than USA for Africa

Things I want to make sure you saw:

  • Jerome Brown getting his official boogie on.
  • The ‘sound engineer’ with the Aaron Neville cut off shirt
  • Luis Zendejas’ rap at the 1:03 mark. It’s the best verse ever spit on wax — he is the undisputed G.O.A.T.
  • Randall Cunningham’s Flava-Flav “yeah boy-eee” at the 1:16 mark
  • The ‘cabbage patch’ dance break at the 1:25 mark during Reggie White’s verse:

Reggie White, Defensive End
Hit quarterbacks like they committed a sin
Like a good minister when I’m thru
I help them up and say God bless you

This is way too hilarious!

R.I.P. to Jerome Brown and Reggie White. Legends. Truly.