If Sanjay Gupta’s gonna be Surgeon General…

Then I think Obama should have just gone ahead and exclusively appointed TV celebrity personalities to his Cabinet. Maybe they wouldn’t be as effective as the people he’s already chosen, but they’d be cuter ;)

P.S. I understand that the surgeon general isn’t a cabinet-level position, but please… play along :)

Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta - Surgeon General

Here’s who else I may have picked to round out the Cabinet:

Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown for Attorney General

Judge Joe don’t take no mess…
Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash for Secretary of the Interior

She’ll clean things up and make them FABULOUS!
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan for Secretary of Defense

He may not be too good at the ‘secretary’ part – But I’d trust him to kick anyone’s ass.


Xzibit for Transpo Sec.???

or maybe Vin Diesel…
Vin Diesel

Either way, we got a Black guy in the position (Just admit it, Vin) and we’d be riding in style…

OK, this is getting too silly now… but you get the point. I know Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon… but he’s also a TV ho. Just seems weird to me. Any other cabinet suggestions? Get at me and let me know ;)