A girl’s gotta have standards…

While I was in Indianapolis, site of next weekend’s Super Bowl XLVI, I talked a lot on stage about football. Everyone reading knows how much I love the game and how hard I ride for my Eagles. I hope you’ll enjoy the clip, and if you’re a sports fan (male or female) and you’ve ever been involved in an intra-divisional romance — or worse — with a person who’s not a sports fan at all, I hope you’ll also identify. ;)

Fried food diet

UPDATE: I was so sad to hear about the tragedy that happened at the fair. My prayers are with the families of the victims.

I was in Indianapolis two weeks ago working at Crackers Comedy Club and it was the opening weekend of the Indiana State Fair. I’d never been to a state fair before. All I can say is: WOW. I was expecting to see some giant fruit and vegetable contests and folks showing off their livestock (I watch a lot of TV), and while there were tractor exhibitions and music tents, and one miserable elephant forced to walk around in circles and give rides to fair-goers, what I saw most was food. And most of it fried. I don’t think there’s anything they won’t fry at a state fair…

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Bob & Tom, Big 10 and Broken Feet

I’m back in Indianapolis this week at Crackers Comedy Club. And while I always have fun in Indy, some of you may remember that the last time I was here, it ended pretty badly. My foot has healed nicely so I’m planning to push my luck and go ice skating tomorrow — what could go wrong?

I got the opportunity to do The Bob & Tom Show again this morning.

It’s been over a year since I was last there and I’d been itching to get back. Bob and Tom is just one of the best nationwide promotional vehicles there is for comedians. And we had tons o’ fun this morning. Also in studio this morning were Dan Cummins, Nikki Glaser, Gabe Kea, Mark Viera, and the AWESOME Kevin Smith! I’ll try and post the audio if I can over the weekend.

I’m trying to see if I can magically score some tickets to one of the Big Ten tourney games. I keep asking from the stage, but I haven’t gotten a bite yet. I’ll keep working on it. Talk to y’all soon!

What time is it?!? It’s SANTA Time!

That’s right people. I took my annual Christmas photo today. Ironically, I took it in the same place I took last years photo, Keystone Mall in Indianapolis.



Why do me and Santa look like lovers? Haha… This year’s Santa looks a whole lot healthier than last year’s.


You have no idea how many people thought this photo was a joke. I was accused of Photoshopping Santa into the photo. All kinds of random stuff. Below are some of the Myspace comments I received about 2007 Santa.

October 8, 2008 4:45 PM
This picture looks proportionally challenged. Wtf? Santa is a friggin’ shrimp! LOL!

December 21, 2007 11:35 AM
were you digitally put into this picture? haha or was santa?!

December 19, 2007 7:32 AM
that santa scares me why is he so red, like demon santa

December 18, 2007 4:05 PM
Santa looks a little feeble, did he know where he was?

December 17, 2007 6:18 PM
why aren’t you on his lap?

I talked to the staff at the photo set-up and they remembered last year’s Santa and we all laughed about it. They told me he was 82 years old… Hahaha… he looked every second of it. Poor thing. ’08 Santa was jolly and looked healthy and was lots of fun. We took a bunch of photos… It was like a real photo shoot ;) Not sure what it is about having my picture taken with Santa that excites me so… but I guess I’m still a kid a heart ;)

Which photo do you think I should use for the cards? Option #1 or #2?

Manana on Bob and Tom


Hey y’all, If you’re in a Bob & Tom radio market, tune in during tomorrow morning’s show. I’ll be on with Bob, Tom, Chick & Kristi for big fun. I’ll have to dig up the clips from the last time I did the show and post them. We had a ball. I made Tom spit tea thru his nose. Of course it’s radio so you can’t see that. But you can totally hear it. ;)

The cool thing now is that they videotape and air the Bob & Tom shows on TV on WGN each nite at midnite. I’m not sure if shows air the same nite or the next nite or what… but I’ll let you know what my sleuthing uncovers so we can all tune in. I’m definitely not complaining… but radio was the last bastion of “it-doesn’t-matter-what-you-look-like-ness” in the world of entertainment. Now you gotta actually brush your hair and look presentable for radio. What is the world coming to? ;)

Bob and Tom site: http://www.bobandtom.com