Real G’s do real things

Cash for gold. It happened.

This is all the gold I had to sell — three sad little pairs of earrings and a pinky ring I’ve never worn. Because it’s a pinky ring.

I used to have a lot more gold. But a few months ago, someone I’m pretty close to who shall remain nameless, came to my house and bamboozled me out of most of my gold jewelry: “You don’t wear gold anymore do you? I love gold. It’s classic. Let me have it.” So I unselfishly gave it up — cause that’s the kinda girl I am — only to find out that anonymous person took it to the gold exchange place pictured above and got a nice little chunk of change in return.

I KNOW, right???

Sure it’s a little shady, but I got caught slipping fair and square. And as much as I’d have liked to be cut in, you gotta respect a “G” move like that. I guess it’s true what Short Dog and Jigga said: Real n****z do real things.


“O-G” didn’t feel bad at all about selling my gold. In fact she called me to inform me she got almost $1500 for it — which naturally made me curious about what I could get for what I had left… I went back to the same exchange place, but I only netted $135. I can’t complain though, because it was just sitting in my jewelry box doing nothing. $135 is a come up when compared to zero. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a tank of gas. And if there’s anything left over maybe one of those little peach-scented air freshener trees.

Because I deserve it.