Ladies Night Recap — We was maaad presidential, son!


How much fun was last night?

Thanks to all the ladies (and smart guys ;) who came out to the Washington Nationals Ladies Night last nite. The afternoon monsoon had me worried, but it cleared up and wound up being a gorgeous evening! There was so much going on… tons of specialty vendors, great food, free alcohol, manicures, massages, music, dancing — two Nats players even signed autographs AND “Supermanned a few ho’s” — shout to Lastings Milledge ;) It was great fun! I only did like 15 minutes, but the crowd was awesome and getting the chance to chat with and meet so many of them after my performance was great. Oh and the ladies at the Nats, Bree and Katherine, were just amazing! They made me feel like an actual VIP and really, isn’t that what it’s all about? ;)

There was one really funny thing that happened… I was being interviewed and had my back to the stadium and they set off some fireworks and I literally screamed, “Oh s–t!” and ducked. When I got up I said something like, “I don’t care how nice this stadium is. We are still in Southeast. I know what to do when i hear ‘bucks’ in the air.” The reporter lost it. I totally expect to see that in her story. Too funny ;) Oh, and it’s ok for me to make that joke because I live in Southeast.

No, not Capitol Hill…


A few of my girls came out to the event which was awesome. I ended up having some extra tickets and was able to give them an unexpected seat upgrade. Instead of sitting in the Scoreboard Pavilion, we had seats in the Presidents Club, which was just as swanky as it sounds. There was a nice restaurant in there where the food was included, a free tequila tasting by Patron (damn that stuff is smooth) and our seats were in the second row directly behind home plate. You may have seen me on TV if you looked really close. I was the one directly behind the ump wearing the Nats gear and cheering for the Mets (sorry it’s instinctive). “Yeeeah Beltran! I mean……..” ;) Doesn’t get much better than that. The phrase of the nite was “Obama, bitches!” Cause we were in the Presidents Club… Get it? Guess you had to be there… and be tipsy off tequila shots ;) Tee hee ;)

Here are a few photos from the evening. Wish you all could have been there! Continue reading →