Praise Jesus, I’ve been …healed?

OK, so I stole this from the Best Week Ever blog… I’m not sure it’s legal to just pilfer an entire post. I hope they don’t sue me. But this had to be posted in its entirety because I don’t want you all to NOT click the link and miss out ;)

OK, here goes:

via Best Week Ever by Dan Hopper on 2/4/09

A friend of mine sent me this link to the Passion For Christ Movement, which appears to be either a Los Angeles-based youth-targeting religious organization, or makers of the funniest t-shirts I have ever seen (likely both):


Yes, for your information, I’m buying one of these for myself immediately, and it’s not completely ironic, it’s also somewhat true — I have masturbated in the past and am not currently masturbating this very second, and I would like people around me to know this. After the jump, two even worse shirts from the Ex-series: This one make a perfect gift for your friends who had sex in the past but now no longer have sex:


Or, if you prefer to forego the ironic t-shirt route and just want to wear something attention-grabbing and terrible, you can always go with the cult classic:


Ummm… This can’t be real.

I heart the BWE folks for putting this out there. I heart DWJ for e-mailing me about it. And if this is a joke, I want to marry the people who are behind it. All of them. For real, I’m talking “Big Love” style.